Piscataqua Hounds

200 Sixth Street, Dover NH

Cheryl Bucklin Niles, MFH

An independent Hunt riding to Hounds in the New England tradition.


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The Piscataqua Hounds is proud to be an Independent Hunt, responsive and accountable to local landowners, members, and local regulatory agencies. We set exceptionally high standards for our hounds, our hunt, and our interaction with landowners, regulatory agencies and the general public. Higher standards will not be found anywhere in the state, the region or the nation.

The Mission of the Piscataqua Hounds is to preserve and honor the traditions of drag hunting in New England, maintaining the focus of all activities on the hounds and conserving the natural territories in which drag hunting takes place. The Piscataqua Hounds emphasizes safe  horsemanship, family activity, inclusiveness and a love of nature, hounds and horses, and fellowship among members.

The Piscataqua Hounds offers decades of hunting experience in its leadership, as well as an award-winning pack of American Foxhounds well suited to the challenges and demands of hunting in New England. We welcome riders of all ages, any breed of horse, and a variety of equestrian backgrounds. Come join us and enjoy beautiful venues and a good gallop!

At our 2007 Inaugural Season. Please join us for our 2013 Season!


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